Tiger Painting - Art of Bas
Tiger Painting
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BAS is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed Wildlife & Nature artists. The Art of BAS is unique and receives world-wide recognition from Royalty, Governments, Museums, galleries, art critics, corporate and private collectors alike.

An innate sense of design and composition, emphasizing light and colour, is utilized to create an original oil painting. Inspiration is gained through extensive adventures in wilderness areas around the globe, the artist then captures the wonder and beauty of nature on canvas. His paintings have exhibited around the world, including alongside the works of Rembrandt in Bond Street, London, and with the French Hyper-realist Painters, Paris, USA, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, and Indonesia. BAS’ artwork was associated with the Universal/Pathe Studios’ tiger movie “Two Brothers”, and his paintings are included in three books entitled “Best of Wildlife Art”, published in the USA.

Wildlife & Nature Art is a particular genre within the art world, due to BAS’ contemporary style he has also been able to cross over into the Contemporary Art genre with much approval. It is the artist’s pleasure to share his unique vision with others through the Art of BAS, we welcome you!

Artist Profile Page

Learn more about the artist through the ‘Artist Profile’ section of the website.

Here you can view aspects of BAS’ art and unique vision that have established his paintings to be amongst the best in the world of wildlife & nature art.

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