Artist Profile

BAS is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed Wildlife and Nature artists. The Art of BAS is unique and his wildlife and nature paintings receive world-wide recognition from Royalty, Governments, Museums, galleries, art critics, corporate and private collectors alike – Soli Deo Gloria.

His paintings have exhibited around the world, including alongside the works of Rembrandt in Bond Street, London, with the French Hyper-realist Painters, Paris, USA, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain, and Indonesia. BAS’ artwork was associated with the Hollywood Universal/Pathe Studios’ tiger movie ‘Two Brothers’, and he is honoured to have his paintings included in three books entitled ‘Best of Wildlife Art’, published in the USA.

“Viewers, rightly, feel privileged to have seen the creative process, appreciating the perception of BAS, his eye for design and his flair for composition. This results in his work being more appreciated for its artistic approach but also benefits us all by helping people find new ways of seeing both in art generally and in the beauty of nature which is so much the inspiration of BAS and which deserves the protection of us all.” – Simon Trapnell, Director, Nature in Art Museum, UK.

An innate sense of design and composition, emphasizing light and colour, is utilized to create an original BAS oil painting. Inspiration is gained through extensive adventures in wilderness areas around the globe, the artist then captures the wonder and beauty of nature on canvas.

“His compositions are so strong and he takes full advantage of the opportunity that paint gives to emphasise the effects of light.” – Nicholas Hammond, Wildlife Art Magazine, USA.

The Art of BAS has been privileged to benefit Charitable Foundations and BAS hopes that his artwork can be used to further promote environmental concerns. The Artists For Conservation Foundation Worldwide honoured BAS for “artistic excellence and extraordinary support of conservation” through wildlife art. BAS is an Ambassador for The Animal Fund (TAF), Marine Conservation Charity.

“His style of contemporary realism combines the truth of nature with his own personal vision as it accentuates colour, light and abstract form. BAS strives to be an originator rather than an imitator, to say something new to the observer.” – Wildlife Art Magazine, USA.

“I can only find one word to describe BAS` paintings – Great! Beautiful work, he really paints the light.” – Carl Brenders, master artist, Belgium.

“The results are paintings which for all their realism have an abstract quality, an achievement that puts BAS on a different course from the hyper-realists, and which is the key to his success in the wider contemporary art field.” – Wildlife Art Magazine,USA.

“Good abstract and consciousness of light; very fresh, combines realism, design and decor; exciting, strong, very impressive.” – Robert Bateman, master artist, Canada.

“We both feel that BAS is carrying a special gift of vision that is very personal. So much of others composition comes through as highly formalised – not his. It is wonderful when an artist can show people a new way to see.” – Jack Hines & Jessica Zemsky, Beartooth Art Institute, USA.

BAS has an ability to see in an instant the composition within a scene and the integral abstract forms that relate to one another, giving a powerful and cohesive design.

“Light and forms are used with devastating effect, giving an almost holographic quality to his work.” – London Impressions Magazine, United Kingdom. 

“You have a true natural eye for design and composition, put it to good use, it’s a rare talent.” – John Seerey-Lester, master artist, USA.

“I try to keep strictly to my own vision. I am guided by light, I push light, colour and abstract form .” – BAS.

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