Art Gallery

Original Oil Paintings

BAS’ Wildlife & Nature Oil Paintings, created with the artists’ unique vision and expertise while using the finest oil paints and art materials, are available for discerning art collectors. Some of BAS’ paintings can be viewed here, click on each painting to view a larger image and related information. Please contact Art of BAS for any further information about the Wildlife & Nature Oil Paintings.

“We are very pleased with the paintings that BAS has painted for us.” – His Royal Highness Sheikh Khaled Al Thani & Her Royal Highness Sheikha Amna Al Thani.

 Commissioned oil paintings by BAS are created through close consultancy with the artists client. Commissions of wildlife & nature paintings and other subjects are undertaken for Governments, Corporations, and private clients.

Fine Art Paper & Canvas Limited Editions

Exclusive Fine Art Paper & Canvas Limited Editions will soon be available through an Art of BAS preferred partner. The Fine Art Limited Edition Prints will be produced using the highest quality inks and substrates, and will be numbered and then signed individually by the artist. These Fine Art Limited Editions will be highly collectable artworks.

Art of BAS has ‘sold out’ eleven Fine Art Paper Limited Editions of paintings and we are looking forward to having more paintings produced as both Fine Art Paper & Canvas Limited Editions.

“It is well established that art can represent the image and philosophy of a company and create a more aesthetically pleasing working environment that also enhances the experience of it’s clients.”

BAS assisting with the safe relocation of a black rhino, Private Game Reserve, South Africa. The black rhino was being moved to a more protected area to help keep it from being slaughtered by poachers. Protecting these wonderful animals is a constant battle against the evils of poaching, against those who see the value of a rhino only being in it's horn for use in superstitious medicine. The rhino horn is composed of keratin, the same protein found in our nails and hair - it has no benefit as a medicine, non at all, that argument is impotent!
His Royal Highness Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister of Bahrain, with his BAS painting of Arabian Rheem Gazelle.
BAS with fiends, Paul Lister and Markus Jebsen, surviving a plane crash. The aircraft was a right off resulting from crashing into the middle of Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa. Thankfully we walked away relatively unscathed. Pilot error was the cause, but the pilot did well to hold onto the wheel as the aircraft bellied across the ground for 200 metres before grinding to a halt in a cloud of dust - otherwise it could have been a far worse outcome!
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